Rio Rondo Enterprises Carbide Scrapers
What do I do with these?

Scraper with Handle

 Using materials such as:
• Resin
• Plastic
• Epoxy putty
• Wax
• Ceramic greenware
• Ceramic bisque
• Clay
• Wood
• Pewter
• most any other soft material
 You can:
• Sculpt or carve originals.
• Scrape seam lines from most any cast or molded model.
• Alter or modify existing models.
• Remove material from hollow areas like ears, nostrils, and hooves (not yours, the model's!)
• Blend surface contours.
• Deburr sharp edges.

 Uses of individual tips in the set include:
CS01-Plain Round Tip
 Rounded across one side and the tip so that the tool will cut along a single plane without affecting material behind it. Rounded tip can be used to scrape out excess material in larger depressions.

CS02-Tapered Round Tip
 Useful to get into small, tight areas to clean seams around mane and tail details, filigree areas as well as add detailing where seams have been removed. Also useful to add small details such as tendon grooves, wrinkles, etc.

CS03b-Round Chisel Tip
 Hollow out areas such as ears, nostrils, bottoms of hooves by hand with more control than high-speed rotary tools. Particularly effective for small scales such as stablemates.

CS04-Angled Round Tip
 Straight-edged blade tapering down in thickness at the tip to get into tight, narrow areas.

CS05-Knife Tip
 This shape has a variety of uses, most notably for carving in details and adding fine lines such as wrinkles; can be used as a round-ended chisel

CS06- Tapered Tip
 Straight edges can be used across seams, the corners at the tip are very effective for etching work on paint jobs for roaning effects.
Have other uses? Let us know!

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