Rio Rondo Enterprises Carbide Scrapers

Scraper with Handle

 Originally designed by Gary as a personal tool for Carol Williams, these proved so useful that we decided to offer them for sale.
 Precision ground from micrograin carbide rod, (the exact same material used in the production of military aircraft parts) these were specifically designed with the artist in mind.
 Sharp enough for very fine work, hard enough to carve epoxy putty and retain their edge for a very long time, yet most of the shapes are not prone to cutting skin. In addition, the more substantial material will not "chatter" across seams nearly as much as thin knife blades.

 Ever hear a claim like that before?

 X-acto knives and the like are fine for many things, and they're pretty good for slicing your fingers as well. One of the things that they're not particularly good for is cleaning up seams on resin castings and carving hardened epoxy putty. Gary knew this, and he'd been making his own carbide tools for years in the course of his employment as a mil-spec engraver, so when he saw what was necessary for this work, he quickly set about making a variety of useful shaped carbide blades. He brought these to Carol for her use, and after using them for only a few seconds, she asked, "Can you make more of these?"

 Choosing from the different shapes that were originally made, we came up with what we thought would be the 6 most useful variations, and we're including them in a set with a suitable handle.

Modeled and rendered from original prototype drawings and parts,
not an actual photograph, but an accurate representation.

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