Rio Rondo Enterprises Carbide Scrapers

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Scraper with Handle

As of Feb. 20, 2017, our scrapers are temporarily out of stock, until further notice. We have a few tips on hand, but unfortunately, no handles. We are currently working on getting these items fully back in stock.

• A set of six precision ground carbide tips and a collet tipped handle to hold them securely, in a snap-top plastic box that will keep them from harm when they aren't in use.
CS601—Scraper Set — Temporarily out of Stock

• One CS01 (straight split, round ended, like the one on the left in the picture below) carbide tip, and one CSH18 collet tipped handle. This will include an upgrade coupon so that you can upgrade to the full set without having to purchase another CS01 tip and CSH18 handle.
CS101—Single Scraper & Handle— Temporarily out of Stock

• Scraper Upgrade Set (for persons purchasing an individual CS101) including the 5 other tips and snap-top plastic box etc.
CS601u—Scraper Upgrade—Temporarily out of Stock

• Extra Handles-- aluminum-bodied handles with collet tip, holds 1/8" shanks securely.
These are very useful for holding dremel tips, needle files, drill bits, and anything else that has a 1/8" shank.
CSH18--Scraper Handle—Temporarily out of Stock

• Scraper Tips-- Tips may be purchased individually.
CS01—#1 Scraper Tip— Temporarily out of Stock
CS02—#2 Scraper Tip—$9.75
CS03b—#3b Scraper Tip— Temporarily out of Stock
CS04—#4 Scraper Tip—$9.75
CS05—#5 Scraper Tip— Temporarily out of Stock
CS06—#6 Scraper Tip—$9.75
Modeled and rendered from original prototype drawings and parts,
not an actual photograph, but an accurate representation.

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