Rio Rondo Enterprises GapoxioTM
Sculptable Epoxy Putty

GAPOXIO is not currently Available

We are not able to obtain a supply of Gapoxio at this time.

We understand that there have been manufacturing delays, and as far as we know we should have this item in stock at some point in the future. (Please note, we have no idea when "future" is.)

If you would like to be notified via email, when we have Gapoxio back in stock, please send an email to:
lisa @
[please remove the spaces from the address shown] and let Lisa know.

Customize existing models and sculpt your own creations using this durable epoxy putty that sculpts and forms like clay!

This two-part epoxy putty cures automatically in about an hour (at 75° F.)
Easy to prepare, just thoroughly knead equal amounts of parts A & B together!

Each package comes with equal amounts of Part A and Part B.

Part #EP101---Gapoxio -- 1 pound package-- Not currently Available

Part #EP114---Gapoxio -- 1/4 lb. package-- Not currently Available

*Plastic/Vinyl/Nitrile/Latex/Rubber Gloves recommended

Cured Gapoxio is a very hard material-- almost like stone! You can sand, grind and mill it, but it is rather hard to work with just plain ol' sandpaper. We recommend our very own Carbide Scrapers to help carve in fine detail. These hand tools offer superior control over moto-tools, and are indispensible when working with Gapoxio or resin-cast models!
Carbide Scrapers


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