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Fiebing's Leather Dyes are reknowned in the industry for their clear and consistent colors. Ideal for use on Tooling Leather, as found in our Saddle Kits. Mix and match colors to get just the shade you need or create special effects.

We also offer Tandy's Super Sheen and Antiquing Stains.

Please Follow All Label Instructions & Precautions

Please Note: we cannot ship leather dyes outside of the USA
Fiebing's Leather Dyes

Spirit Dyes -- Pro Oil Dyes -- Antique Stains

How much leather dye will I need?
In our experience, small projects such as our miniature Saddle Kits take a rather small amount of dye. You should be able to dye approximately 10 saddles from a bottle, possibly more, when using a soft paintbrush to apply the color. Applying dye to small items with a dauber tends to waste more dye, and you may get fewer pieces dyed using that method.

Are you wanting to dye a couch or other furniture?

Furniture, Full-Scale Saddles, Leather Clothing, Motorcycle Gear, etc.

Fiebing's Tan-Kote
A superior leather finish that helps seal in the color and protect your tooling leather projects from stains or smudges. Add a semi-gloss sheen and glow to leather items. May be used over Spirit Dyes, Oil Dyes or Antique Stain colors. Comes in 4 oz. bottles.
DYE441-Fiebing's Tan-Kote--Leather Finish/4 oz.--$7.00

Tandy's Super Shene
This leather finish adds a semi-gloss protective coating to tooled leather items. Super Shene may be used over Spirit Dyes, Oil Dyes or Antique Stain colors. Cleans easily in water. 4 oz. bottles.

I've also found that a thin layer of Super Sheen helps protect against tarnishing on sterling silver items... so don't be afrait to brush it right over silver lacing!
DYE442-Tandy's Super Shene--Leather Finish/4 oz.--$7.00

Fiebing's Spirit Dye
We offer Fiebing's Spirit dyes in 10 different colors, all are ideal for model horse tack projects. Dye can be easily applied with a soft paintbrush or a wool dauber. Deep, rich colors, well suited to tooling leather and skiver. Available in 4 oz. bottles.
DYE14-k BlackSpirit Dye/4 oz.$6.00
DYE14-db Dark BrownSpirit Dye/4 oz.$6.00
DYE14-mb Med. BrownSpirit Dye/4 oz.$6.00
DYE14-lb Lt. BrownSpirit Dye/4 oz.$6.50
DYE14-cr Cordovan
Spirit Dye/4 oz.>$6.50
DYE14-ch Chocolate
Spirit Dye/4 oz.$6.50
DYE14-mg Mahogany
Spirit Dye/4 oz.$6.50
DYE14-bt British TanSpirit Dye/4 oz.$6.50
DYE14-tn TanSpirit Dye/4 oz.$6.50

Fiebing's Professional Oil Dyes
Fiebing's Pro Oil Dye provides the most even coverage and finish overall. Available in 4 colors.
DYE24-k BlackSpirit Dye/4 oz.$7.00
DYE24-db Dark BrownSpirit Dye/4 oz.$7.00
DYE24-lb Light BrownSpirit Dye/4 oz.$7.00
DYE24-st Saddle TanSpirit Dye/4 oz.$7.00

Tandy's Eco-Flow Gel Antique Leather Stains
SPECIAL NOTE -- Winter 2008:
Tandy has Discontinued its former this version of it's Antique Leather Stains. These have been replaced by the new "Eco-Flow" Gel Antique Stains.

Antique Stains help bring out the detail of your carved and stamped patterns. Simply work a little of the stain into the leather and allow it to set 5-10 minutes. Then, wipe off the excess with a damp sponge. (Follow label instructions!)

It is easy to obtain special custom colors by overdying stained leather with Spirit or Oil Dyes.

Available in 4 oz. Bottles.
DYE54-db Dark BrownAntique Stain/8 oz.$11.00
DYE54-mb Med. BrownAntique Stain/4 oz.$8.00
DYE54-mg MahoganyAntique Stain/4 oz.$8.00
DYE54-st Saddle TanAntique Stain/4 oz.$8.00
DYE54-tn TanAntique Stain/4 oz.$8.00


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