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Help us get this stuff outta here!
February 13, 2017

We've revamped our Leathers pages!

We've added:
Tooling Calf
Black Japanese Plonge
Black Kip
(in black, dark brown and rust)

We've also put a number of things on sale or on closeout to make way for more leathers in the future.

Odds and Ends

We've got some things in the shop to move out of here... save them from the dumpster!

xB530s - Oval Buckles, 1/8"/silver color $2.25/sheet of 30.
These buckles were not produced quite properly, and thus ended up a little thin and refined compared to the regular ones. Great for halters and other similar items, and at a reduced price. Supplies limited.

Brand New Items!

Iberian/Baroque/Portuguese Adornments, Buckles, Conchos & Bits

New Conchos

New Buckles

More Bits

Breastcollar Center Plates

Stable Blanket Hardware Set — 1/4"

"Long Plates" for Bridles, Halters & Breastcollars

Close-Out Bits Sale!

When they're gone, they're gone!

Old Production Hardware

We've got a few slotted rings and hooks that are really nice old-production stock on hand leftover, so here's your chance to stock up if you're needing a few things.

Slotted Rings
zHD3716g - 2-slot Rings, 1/16"/gold color $1.00/sheet of 16.

zHD220g - Hooks/gold color $1.00/sheet of 20.

When they're gone, they're gone!
Mohair Price Changes

Mohair Page

Leather Swatch Sample Cards


LCD1 - Leathers–$3.00 with order
(or $4.50 by itself, ppd.)

Includes sample swatches of skiver, sheepskin, lambskin, cow and patent leathers in the available colors.

LCD2 - Suede Colors–$3.00 with order
(or $4.50 by itself, ppd.)

Includes sample swatches of each of the suede colors we currently have in stock.

These swatch cards are 5.5x8.5", and are useful to see and feel the characteristics and color of each of the leathers we carry.
Medium Brown Lambskin

Close-out Item. This very soft and luxurious medium brown lambskin leather is semi-matte on the top with a heavy nap on the underside. Approximately 1.4mm thick, it is thicker than our other lambskin colors.

LB2mb — 5x6" piece — $2.00
LB4mb — 6x20" piece — $4.00
Black and Dark Brown Lambskin
We're liquidating the current stock on these leathers, in preparation to obtain new stock from a new supplier.
This leather is fairly thin, with a little bit of firmness. It features a semi-satin top surface with luxurious nap on the underside. Approximately .8mm thick

LB2b — Brown 5x6" piece — $3.50
LB2k — Black 5x6" piece — $3.50
LB4b — Brown 6x10" piece — $7.00
LB4k — Black 6x10" piece — $7.00
Black Pliver
We no longer have a source for this leather, so the remaining stock is available until it's sold out. See our new "Black Japanese Plonge" for a suitable replacement leather.

LV2k — Black 5x6" piece — $2.00
Black Cowhide
We're clearing the decks and liquidating our black cowhide in order to fit in something new.

LCW2k — Black 5x6" piece — $2.00
LCW4k — Black 6x10" piece — $4.00
Black Matte Cow
This limited-quantity special purchase item has a matte black finish, has a fairly supple body and is about .7mm thick. Suitable for saddles and costume items, and useful for some smaller-scale items.

LCM2 — Black 5x6" piece — $2.00
LCM4 — Black 6x10" piece — $4.00
Roughout Leather
Close-out item. This sheepskin veg-tanned leather works well where you want some roughout texture without using a good piece of tooling leather. Also useful for building up areas that are to be covered with other leathers.

LK7nro— Natural 8.5 x5.5" piece — $1.25
Skiver Scrap Bag
Approximately .75 oz of natural-colored skiver scraps in various sizes. Enough for quite a few projects, and this amount of scrap is roughly equivalent to a square foot or so.

LK3n — Skiver Scrap Bag —$1.50
Patent Leather Scrap Bag
Approximately .75 oz of scraps in mixed colors.

LPT6 — Patent Leather Scrap Bag — $1.25
Black Suede Scrap Bag
Approximately .75 oz of black suede scraps

LS6k — Black Suede Scrap Bag — $1.00
Tooling Calf Scrap

Approximately .75 oz of soft, supple tooling calf leather scraps. This leather is very thin, maybe 1mm (or 1-2 oz leather).

LCT6 — Tooling Calf Scrap Bag — $1.25