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December, 2017 — Includes all the new stuff!
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December 10, 2017
New Bijoux Etchings in Stock!
Photos are included for most of the new items. Just in time for the holidays and winter tackmaking!

More Bijoux Tests
Pictures and discussion about additional items not yet available (but are in the works!) for the tiny models.

Full PDF list of currently available Bijoux Items:

Bijoux PDF
List of currently-available small-scale items. Pictures will be added to this document shortly.

Resin Cast Models
Veronka is now back in production with a brand new mold. Victrix is in the works and should be available again in the next few weeks. Valor is unavailable, as he undergoes an update... I don't know when he will be available, but we'll let you know here.

Part Number Changes
We've changed the specifications and part numbers on the Girth Equalizers.
GB19s -Trad Size/silver-$1.25/4pr.
GB19g-Trad Size/gold-$1.35/4 pr.
GB34s-Clas Size/silver-$1.25/4 pr.
GB34g-Clas Size/gold-$1.35/4 pr.

(GB1905 and GB3408 part numbers are discontinued, as they've been consolidated into the part numbers above.)
Items Added
LD4st-Kidskin, Saddle Tan color, 10x6" piece - $6.00
LD2st-Kidskin, Saddle Tan color, 5x6" piece - $3.00
LCW4k- Cowhide-black-10x6" piece - $7.00
LCW2k- Cowhide-black-5x6" piece - $3.50

October 28, 2017
Price Changes, and other notes.

Here's the list of the latest price changes:

H305s Stable Plates, silver $1.25/set
H305g Stable Plates, gold $1.25/set
H306s Stable Plates, silver $1.00/set
H306g Stable Plates, gold $1.00/set
HP642 Deco Halter-SWest $14.00/sheet
HP644 Deco Halter-Stars $14.00/sheet
HP646 Deco Halter-Floral $14.00/sheet
A835s Coins, silver $9.00/sheet
A835g Coins, gold $10.00/sheet
A836s Seed Pods, silver $4.50/sheet
A836g Seed Pods, gold $5.00/sheet
A837s Marwari Fish, silver $6.00/sheet
A837g Marwari Fish, gold $6.75/sheet
A838s Leaves/Baubles, silver $6.00/sheet
A838g Leaves/Baubles, gold $6.75/sheet
A870s Pendants, silver $6.00/sheet
A870g Pendants, gold $6.75/sheet
A871s Pectoral Sets, silver $6.00/sheet
A871g Pectoral Sets, gold $6.75/sheet
A872s Medallions, silver $5.00/sheet
A872g Medallions, gold $5.60/sheet
A873s Charms, silver $6.75/sheet
A873g Charms, gold $7.60/sheet
A874s Sun & Moon, silver $6.75/sheet
A874g Sun & Moon, gold $7.60/sheet
A875s Stars, silver $3.00/sheet
A875g Stars, gold $3.50/sheet
A876s Connectors, silver $6.00/sheet
A876g Connectors, gold $6.75/sheet
A877s Sharks Teeth, silver $9.00/sheet
A877g Sharks Teeth, gold $10.00/sheet
A878s End Caps, silver $4.50/sheet
A878g End Caps, gold $5.00/sheet
A879s Lead Hooks-7, silver $1.25/strip
A879g Lead Hooks-7, gold $1.50/strip
A8794s Lead Hooks-28, silver $4.50/sheet
A8794g Lead Hooks-28, gold $5.00/sheet

Jump Rings & FB-series Buckle Keeper Changes
In the interest of a little more efficiency on our part here in the shop, we've made a few changes to these items. The 100-packs of Jump Rings and 30-packs of Buckle Keepers (FB21, FB23, FB25) have been "discontinued". However, we have changed the quantity discounts, so that when you order 5 of an item, it's the same price as the former 100-packs (jump rings) or 30-packs (keepers). So if you need to order just 6 or 7 packs (and not necessarily the equivalent of 2 100-packs) the quantity price will apply there as well.

In addition, on Jump Rings, if you mix and match sizes/colors to get 15 or more packs on your order, that will also qualify for the discount on each pack ordered.

The pricing hasn't changed for the quantity of items you may order, it's just dealt with a little differently. (And if you do order 1 JR600s, you'll get 5 packs of JR6s for the same price.)

July 8, 2017
Carbide Scrapers Back In Stock
At long last, we've got all the scrapers, handles, and scraper sets in stock and ready to ship.

Current pricing on these items is as follows:

CS601—Full Set 6 Tips, 1 handle & storage box$72.00
CS101—#01 Tip/Handle$17.50
CS601u—Upgrade set (upgrade to complete set from the CS101 tip and handle)$54.50
CSH18—Handle Only$4.75
CS01—Tip-Plain Round $12.75
CS02—Tip-Tapered Round$12.75
CS03b—Tip-Round Chisel$12.75
CS06—Tip-Tapered Point$12.75
CS660—Deluxe SetNew!
6 Tips, 6 handles & storage box

February 9, 2017
We've revamped and updated the Leather section on our website, as well as added a few new, cool types of leather. A few things are being discontinued, and those will be available until sold out.
We will now be carrying two types of tooling leather:

Tooling Cow
This will be the standard leather as we have stocked the past. It is a 2-3oz. (about 1.25mm or 1.16" thick) vegetable-tanned leather suitable for carving, stamping and dying. This leather will have a firm body, and be suitable for western saddles and larger tack items.

Tooling Calf
Added to our regular offering, is the new calf-hide leather. (Some of you may already have received some of this leather). This leather is only .8mm or about 1/32" thick, and does not have nearly as much "body" to it... it can be a bit "drapey". It also is prone to notably more surface imperfections than we'd like.

On the other hand, this calf leather has a very soft, buttery feel, and is a great choice where you need a thinner or more supple leather (such as for smaller scales, english items and so forth.)

Both leathers are sure to find their place among your tackmaking supplies.
New Leathers
We've added the following leathers:
— Black Japanese Plonge (very thin, black, satin leather, with sueded backside)
— Black Kip (firm-bodied black leather suitable for saddles and harness)
— Kidskin (very firm-bodied goat leather with semi-gloss finish for saddles or related items, in 3 colors)

Discontinued and Clearance Leathers
— Black Pliver (we can no longer obtain this item)
— Black Cowhide (clearance item to make way for new stock)
— Black & Dark Brown Lambskin (clearance to make way for new stock)
— Medium Brown Lambskin (limited availability item, this leather is notably thicker than our other lambskin colors)
— Black Matte Cow (medium-firm .7mm thick cowhide with smooth matte finish. limited item)
— Roughout (veg-tanned roughout leather, close-out).

For details on all of these leathers:

Leather Pages

January 12, 2017
More Etching News
We've added a few Western Cinch Buckles and a few Concho Beads for saddle fastening.
The Catalog, Update sheet, and Discount PDF's have all been updated:

Catalogs & PDF Files

Everything is in the latest catalog, but if you'd like a recap of just the new items added over the past year, you can get the update which highlights all of the newer items.

We have encountered some difficulties in getting nice tooling leather in, so we tried some different suppliers. The results were mixed....

While the older-style tooling leather did a wonderful job for the tooling, it was also sometimes thicker than we wished it to be, and the hide quality (in terms of marks and blemishes) wasn't quite up to the standards we'd like to maintain. Some replacement leathers have been wonderfully supple, and thinner (by a good third), however, these too had issues with blemishes, but also would not hold quite as deep an impression for tooling/stamping, and may take dye colors a bit differently.

It doesn't look like the ideal product exists at the present time, but both types of leather have their uses, depending on your projects. If you are going to carve and stamp, the older stuff is better. If you are making items that aren't tooled to any great degree, the fine supple "hand", or feel, of the newer leather may be a better choice.

At the present time, we've only got the newer leather in stock, with a little bit of old stock in the form of scraps. In the near future, we will be carrying both types of tooling leather for you to select from as your project needs may dictate. It will probably be mid February or into March before we are carrying both types of tooling leather. At such time, we'll have different part numbers for each type.

September 7, 2016
New PDF Catalog is Online Now!

PDF Catalog

This project seemed to take forever! But we finally got all the new things added, and put together in one place. The discount pdf has not been updated as yet (but current quantity discounts are in place and applicable to all orders.)

The new PDF catalog features a number of links so you can navigate directly to the related web pages from the PDF catalog, if you wish to. A lot of large views and photo views have been added to a lot of the parts, new and old. We're still working on adding more photo views.

August Test Items

The first page is still up, and now that the catalog is out of the way, I hope to put together another one shortly, to show some more shiny, cool new things.

New Tutorials

Several new How-To tutorials regarding some of our new parts, such as Riley and Buxton Bits, Bit Clips, Strap Tips and so forth have been added. They are linked on the page above.
The Reference/Brochures/Tutorial pages are going to be somewhat rearranged shortly.

In the course of testing new parts and putting the tutorials together, we discovered that some things like attachment tabs (as found on Bit Clips and the Strap Tips included with the new Deco Buckle sets) didn't quite work out as planned, and appear to require some future revisions. Given that, we went ahead and tested various glues for attachment, and had some really good results! Most super-glues and most finger-nail glues (types of super-glue) worked well. Only one we tried completely failed ("Original Super-Glue" in a yellow tube), and we did not have any "Krazy-Glue" to test. However, Duro/Devcon, Loctite, Kiss2 nail glue and Aleene's Metal glue worked very well. I don't have time to put together a full rundown on this just yet, but hope to add a reference page or tutorial on it soon.

Website Changes

There's been a lot of updating and page-shuffling that's still going on. This page of news will be cleaned in the next week or two of the oldest items.

and don't forget:
Shop Specials and Closeouts

August 21, 2016
Lots of New Etched Items in stock!

Etching News Page

Many of the new items we've been working on are finally in stock! Baroque decor and buckles, new Center Bar and Heel-Bar buckles, Bit Clips, Bit Connectors, and new Specialty bits are ready to ship. Check the above link for direct links to various pages that have been updated or added to recently.

August Test Items

There were a lot of new items that were tested in this latest round of production. Check the link above to see photos of what we've been working on. This is the first page of test results and notes, a second page will be added shortly.

and don't forget:
Shop Specials and Closeouts

June 25, 2016
Shop Specials and Closeout Items Sale

Along with the last round of items, we ordered just a few more of the test parts, so we could have some of the bits and things on hand. This also came with more of the items we put in our recent Parts Lottery, so we have a few of some of these items available now, with no waiting!

Shop Specials and Closeouts

We did end up getting behind on new production. While we had planned to have most of this stuff available by the end of June, it unfortunately will be the end of July before we will have any further new items in stock. I'll post more of the details on this in a few days.

Meanwhile, check out the sale page above, if you're needing or wanting some of those test items! We've got some concho sheets, portuguese items, costume bits, fancy buckles and so forth. First come, first serve!

Also, we've put all the old-production bits on sale (western, english, driving) and they're available at 25¢ a set until sold out or the new production versions arrive. Whichever comes first.

We're still cleaning out the shop, so some more things will be cleared out over the next several weeks.

May 2, 2016

Links to Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Parts Lottery!

We'll leave the results/winners up for a couple more days, and then.... poof! It will disappear for now.

If you find your name on the lists and you haven't heard from us, please do check your spam/junk folders!

April 26 - May 2, 2016 -- Special Etched Parts Lottery Sale!

SPECIAL Lottery Sale of Etched Items!

Photos galore of many of the new alpha- and beta-version test items that aren't in production yet! Here's your chance to snag a few new items for your tackmaking plans!

Sign up for as many items as you like, and if we draw your name, you'll be able to purchase all the items you've been drawn for. There's multiples of some things, and only 1 of others.

Believe it or not, every item has a photo (not computer simulated images)... but these parts are so nice the photos LOOK like they're made up. What you see, is what you'll get! Kudos to Gary for all the parts photos!

April 22, 2016 -- More Leather in Stock

We've got a bunch of fresh new suede colors just in:
New Suede Colors

Also, we've got a new Sheepskin leather, that's similar to the Lambskin, except the "flesh" side is sparkly! That makes this leather two-sided, and a new crafting option. The Rust color is delicious!
New Sheepskin Leather

Additionally: the planned lottery for painted horses has been delayed just a bit. Please be patient!

April, 2016 -- New Parts are in and some of them are shipping now.

Check it out here:
Etching News

We've got in some of the new Western Bits and Deco Buckles! Meanwhile, we're working on fixing the rest of the stuff up to be spiffy for the next run (June)..

We're planning a lottery to let everyone have a crack at some of the test items... we'll post news here shortly.

March 29, 2016 -- Canadian Shipping Rate Change

As of March 30, 2016, the shipping rate to Canada will be $11.25.

The rate changes were instigated by the USPS in January, however, we were not able to address the issue until now.
you can review current US shipping rates to international destinations here.

March 2016 -- More Etching News

Check it out here
Etching News
Working on a series of previews on some new production and test items coming in April.

We'll be tackling Conchos, Decorated Buckles, Bits, Plates and a few new test items. Let us know what you think!

January 2016 -- New Order Form and Shipping Rates

Gary's been working on a new order form that can do a few new tricks. For now, he's calling it the "Automatic Order Form".
For example:

— Type in the part number and it loads the description and price

— Adds up the total, and calculates the shipping

— Can save/reload the items and info you've entered so you can come back to it later (via javascript and cookies stored in your browser)

It doesn't store your payment data, though, so no need to worry about that.

Gary's also cobbled together a "Phone" version of the regular order form, that should fit pretty nicely on most smart phones. It's not "automated" yet (but he's working on that now.) There's still some tweaking he'll be doing to get things working super slick and smooth.

Rio Rondo Order Forms

Shipping Rate Change
The USPS instituted a notable rate change for shipments outside of the US yesterday, and we needed to adjust that rate. For the time being, the rates to US and Canada will remain the same, but the Foreign shipping rate will now be $15.75.

Meanwhile, we're hoping to get away from the web stuff for awhile, and work on some new parts!

What's This?

New Gold Etched Parts in Stock — Nov 12, 2015

New HP642 Sample

New Production Etchings ....
November 12th . . .
New production gold parts are in! New pricing as well.

October 12th . . . At long last, we have new parts in stock and pictures to share!
Items are ready to order and ship!

New One-Sided Tongue Buckles!

Etched Corner Plates

Etched Fancy Halter Plates

Stable Halter Name Plates

Girth Buckles & Equalizer Rings

New B63 1/16" Buckles

Arabian Charms & Horse Jewelry Items

Harness Brasses

The latest information on pricing is here: Printable Pricelist.

Please note that the PDF Catalog has NOT been updated as yet. We will have more information on gold items shortly.

Etchings News, October 2015 -- Sneak Peek and Close-Outs

We've just put up some new artwork showing off the coming new selections of Arabian & Horse Jewelry items we'll have in stock in just a few weeks!

Also, be sure to check out what items are on sale that have been discontinued...

Please note that the PDF version of our catalog is NOT up to date at this time... we will update that as we are able to a little later this year.

Please check Etching News for details.

Etchings News, July 2015 -- and yes, many things are back in stock

We've changed suppliers and now have a lot of new production stock available and ready to ship! The new production parts are gorgeous, and there's a number of changes you'll want to know about, with more to come over the next year.

Please check Etching News for details.

New Leathers

We've added colors back to our Suede lineup, and we hope to add a few more in the future. Please let us know if there are particular colors you are needing to help us with our future offerings.

We've also expanded our offering of Round Lace to include all 4 colors (Black, Brown, Rust and Natural), in two sizes : 1mm and .5mm. We've got new, lower pricing as well.

We're working on obtaining a few more leathers, which we hope will be finalized later this year.

Changes in Mohair Availability

Due to a variety of circumstances, we will no longer be able to guarantee availability of the various hand-dyed mohair colors. Future production is likely to be sporadic at best over the next several months. All non-mohair fibers are being discontinued ... but will be available until they are sold out (just email and ask if you're looking for something in particular)

Hand-dyed mohair is not being discontinued, we just will have limited supplies and colors for the indefinite future.

Check out the Mohair page for current availability.

Whatever happened to the Tooling & Carving Book?

Due to a lot of things that need to be done here, and not enough time and energy to get to them all, this book has been put on the back burner. It is however, getting higher up on the list of things to be tackled...

Till it is done and we have further information, there simply isn't much else to say! We'll get to it just as soon as we can... and yes, we are catching up on a number of things...

Thanks for your patience!