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Buckle Tongues & Keepers

Buckle Assembly Tutorial

Make A Roller Buckletutorial courtesy of
Jana Skybova

Girth Buckles, courtesy of Jana Skybova

Buckle Tongues
Silver or gold color pre-made buckle tongues allow you to add a tongue to any standard buckle, or convert jump rings into buckles. Made of soft metal that's easy to trim to just the right length.

FB1 Buckle Tongue FB1s – Buckle Tongues/Silver – $1.50/pack of 20
FB100s – Buckle Tongues/Silver – $5.00/pack of 100
FB1 Buckle Tongue FB1g – Buckle Tongues/Gold – $1.50/pack of 20
FB100g – Buckle Tongues/Gold – $5.00/pack of 100

Buckle Strap Buckle Assembly Tutorial Buckle Strap

Buckle Keepers
Bend these into the desired shape and use as a keeper with any buckle.
Buckle Keepers Buckle Keepers Buckle Keepers

LARGE KEEPERS Best for 1/8" Lace
FB21s – Large Keepers/Silver – $2.25/pack of 6
FB2130s – Large Keepers/Silver – $7.75/pack of 30
FB21g – Large Keepers/Gold – $2.25/pack of 6
FB2130g – Large Keepers/Gold – $7.75/pack of 30

SMALL KEEPERS - Double Rim Best for 3/32" Lace
FB23s – Small Keepers Double Rim/Silver – $1.85/pack of 6
FB2330s – Small Keepers Double Rim/Silver – $6.50/pack of 30

SMALL KEEPERS Best for 3/32" and 1/16" Laces
FB25s – Small Keepers/Silver – $1.85/pack of 6
FB2530s – Small Keepers/Silver – $6.50/pack of 30