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Bits on Sale

We're putting all of our Old-Production Etched Metal bits on sale! 25¢ a set! Available until they're gone or we just get tired of messing with them.

Some of these bits are pretty nice production quality, others are so-so (sorry—if you want to pick through them you'll need to come here to do that.) At this price, they are also a bargain for kids to make stuff for their stable, 4-H projects and more.

Please note that the old-production classic bits are for "small" classic sized models... while new production bits will be "large" classic size.

English Bits

Old-Production Items

zE606g– Trad.Kimberwicke-Gold –25¢
zE613g– Trad. Pelham-Gold –25¢
zE621g– Clas. Weymouth Combo-Gold –25¢
zE626g– Clas. Kimberwicke-Gold –25¢
Specialty Bits

Old-Production Items

zE610g– Trad. Liverpool-Gold –25¢
zE612g– Trad. Elbow Driving-Gold –25¢
zE620g– Clas. Liverpool-Gold –25¢
zE624s– Clas. Buxton-Silver –25¢
zE624g– Clas. Buxton-Gold –25¢
zE627g– Clas. Stud Bit-Gold –25¢
zE636s– Clas. Paso/Costume Bit-Silver –25¢
zE636g– Clas. Paso/Costume-Gold –25¢

Tacky Wax

Temporarily and easily keep bit shanks in place on your model with Tacky Wax. (Also known as "Sticky Wax and "Mini-Hold Wax"). No need to saw mouths open or glue anything to a model permanently. Tacky Wax is a must-have item for every model horse hobbyist!

#HD10 – Tacky Wax — $3.50 each.