Rio Rondo Enterprises Decorative Beads

Keep up with the latest styles in western tack with these beads. Using string or round lace you can craft bridles, headstalls, breastcollars and more. Mix and match styles, as well as silver and gold color for unique patterning effects.

All items except BD25/BD26 are Sterling Silver or Gold-Filled, Gold Plate.

All items on this page are shown at approximately 200% size.

Ferrule Beads
String these beads onto .5 or 1mm Round Lace to make ferrule-style bridles, halters and even breastcollars.
Ferrule Beads

SF120 --Ferrule Bead/Silver-- $2.75/20 GF120 --Ferrule Bead/Gold Plate-- $3.25/20
SF1100 --Ferrule Bead/Silver-- $11.00/100 GF1100--Ferrule Bead/Gold Plate-- $13.00/100
SF220 --Long Ferrule Bead/Silver-- $5.25/20 n/a
SF2100 --Long Ferrule Bead/Silver-- $24.00/100 n/a
SF720 -- Discontinued, unavailable GF720--Long Twist/Gold Filled-- $6.00/20
SF620 -- Discontinued, unavailable n/a
BD27s --Barrel/Silver Color-- $1.25/20 BD27g--Barrel/Gold Color-- $1.25/20
BD2700s --Barrel/Silver Color-- $5.00/100 BD2700g--Barrel/Gold Color-- $5.00/100
SF320 --Facet/Silver-- $3.75/20 GF320--Facet/Gold Filled-- $3.75/20

Tip Beads
Slip these beads over the end of flat lace and crimp them down... then trim to fit for a simple silver tip on a strap. These tip beads accommodate 3/32" and 1/8" sized lace. (Use SF120 for 1/16" lace).
Tip Beads SF510--Tip Bead/Silver-- $2.25/10

GF510--Tip Bead/Gold Plate-- $3.75/10

Mic & Match bead styles, types and colors to easily create unique patterns! For more information and ideas on how to use beads to assemble various mini tack items, check out our Beads & Conchos Brochure.

Crimp Beads
String these beads along with other styles to create unique beading pattern looks. Also can be used as fasteners by crimping them down. Available in gold or silver color.

BD26 beads are larger and will fit 1/16" lace. They can also be "squished" a little to make an oval shape and used as a slider on round or flat lace.

BD25 beads are small enough to fit on .5mm Round Lace or Embroidery Floss, and work well for fastening items or adding decorative effects.
Crimp Beads BD26s--Large Crimp/Silver-- $4.75/20
BD26g--Large Crimp/Gold-- $4.75/20

BD2600s--Large Crimp/Silver-- $20.00/100
BD2600g--Large Crimp/Gold-- $20.00/100

BD25s--Small Crimp/Silver-- $1.25/20
BD25g--Small Crimp/Gold-- $1.25/20

BD2500s--Small Crimp/Silver-- $5.00/100
BD2500g--Small Crimp/Gold-- $5.00/100

Leather Lace